Michael Connelly

 As  an active trial lawyer for over four decades, Michael Connelly has  litigated scores of cases to juries and judges in various courts in  Texas and other states.  Mr. Connelly has extensive trial experience in a  wide variety of areas and is well known for his work in commercial and  environmental cases.  The commercial cases include professional  liability, tax shelters, breach of contract, tortious interference with  contracts, international sales of goods, oil and gas disputes, and  claims arising out of divestiture of corporate assets.  The  environmental cases include mass community suits, government cost  recovery actions, contaminated property and sediments claims, and  contribution suits.  He has handled mass toxic tort cases which include  workplace chemical exposure, asbestos, silicosis, and he has handled a  number of catastrophic accident cases, including multiple fatalities,  plant explosions and OSHA workplace investigations.  Mr. Connelly has  also had many years of experience in handling medical liability cases  that include hospital, nursing and physical liability, medical staff  issues, medical device and pharmaceutical claims.
Mr. Connelly  currently focuses his practice on commercial litigation, environmental  litigation, mediation and arbitration.   He has received certificates in  mediation training and commercial arbitration (domestic and  international) from the University of Houston Law Center and A.A. White  Dispute Resolution Center.  He is listed on the American Arbitration  Association Commercial Litigation Panel.
Mr. Connelly has been  extremely active in legal and charitable community activities as well,  having been elected President of the Houston Bar Association for  2003–2004, following and extensive service commitment and long history  of leadership positions in the Bar.  He has also served as President and  Chairman of the Houston Lawyer Referral Service, the Houston Volunteer  Lawyer’s Program, and the Dispute Resolution Center.  Mr. Connelly was  elected to the State Bar of Texas Board of Directors and served from  2004 – 2007.  While on the State Board, he served as Chair of the  Finance Committee for two years. Michael Connelly currently serves as  Chairman of Insuralex, a global network of over 43 law firms with a  special emphasis on insurance/reinsurance, insurance coverage, insurance  defense, and litigation. 

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  • Certificate for Mediation Training (University of Houston / A.A. White Dispute Resolution Center)
  • Certificate  for Commercial Arbitration (Domestic and International) (University of  Houston / A.A. White Dispute Resolution Center
  • Commercial Litigation Panel Member, American Arbitration Association

Our Practice

State Bar of Texas, 1969–Present:


State Bar of Texas, 1969–Present:

 Director, State Bar of Texas Board of Directors, 2004–2007                                                 *     Chairman, State Bar of Texas Finance Committee, 2006–2007                                                 *     Co-Chairman, State Bar of Texas Finance Committee, 2005–2006                                                 *     Co-Chairman, State Bar of Texas Disaster Response Committee, 1992–1993                                                 *     State Bar of Texas Administration Justice Committee, 1990–1991                                                 *     Member, State Bar of Texas, Litigation Section                                                 *     Member, State Bar of Texas, ADR Section                                                 *     Speaker, State Bar of Texas Advanced Civil Trial Institute                                                 *     Texas Bar Foundation, Sustaining Life Fellow

Houston Bar Association:

   *     Immediate Past President, Houston Bar Association, 2004–2005
                                                 *     President, Houston Bar Association, 2003–2004
                                                 *     President-Elect, Houston Bar Association 2002–2003
                                                 *     Second Vice-President, Houston Bar Association 2001–2002
                                                 *     Treasurer, Houston Bar Association, 1999–2000
                                                 *     Director,  Houston Bar Association Board of Directors, 1995–1999
                                                 *     Houston Bar Foundation,Sustaining Life Fellow

American Bar Association

   *     American Bar Association of Tort and Insurance Practice Section, 1969–1992, 1995–2009
                                                 *     Chairman, American Bar Association Medicine and Law Committee, 1981–1983
                                                 *     American Bar Association Litigation Section, 1975–1992, 1995–2009 

International Association of Defense Counsel

  *     Secretary/Treasurer, 2008–2011
                                                  *     Secretary/Treasurer Elect, 2007–2008
                                                  *     Chairman, National Membership Committee, 2005–2007
                                                  *     Chairman, Texas State Membership Committee
                                                  *     Toxic and Hazardous Waste Substances Committee
                                                  *     Drugs and Medical Device Committee
                                                  *     Business Litigation Committee
                                                  *     Faculty, Trial Academy, 1987
                                                   *     Foundation of the International Association of Defense Counsel  Board of Directors, 1993–2006
                                                  *      Secretary/Treasurer, Foundation of the International Association of  Defense Counsel, 1999–                                                                 2003, 2005–2006 


  *     Chairman, Insuralex, 2014–2016
                                                   *     Vice-Chairman, Insuralex, 2012–2014
                                                   *     Secretary, Insuralex, 2011–2012 


 Courts in the State of Texas
            United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas
             United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas
            United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas
          United States District Court for the Western District of Texas
       United States court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
               United States court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit
              The Supreme Court of the United States