• Environmental Litigation 
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Insurance        
  • Professional Liability 
  • Mediation  
  • Arbitration


 Michael  Connelly has experience in representing clients in a wide range of  litigation that includes litigation arising from a variety of commercial  disputes, including oil and gas, breach of contract, construction,  products liability, international sale of goods, securities, tax  shelters, and corporate divestitures.  Mr. Connelly has considerable  trial experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in suits  involving partnerships, fraud and negligent misrepresentation, tortious  interference, professional liability and indemnity claims.

Industrial Accidents, Catastrophic Releases & Emergency Response

 Michael  Connelly’s representation in major industrial accidents has included  conducting and managing accident response teams, OSHA and MHSA  investigations, and litigation resulting from major industrial  accidents, (including plant upset, explosion, pipeline rupture, or other  type of catastrophic accident).   Mr. Connelly has been involved in  coordinating the investigation, claims, third-party litigation and  environmental response to major accidents by handling cause and origin  investigations, regulatory interaction, hazardous material response and  defense of claims arising out of such incidents. 


Michael  Connelly has had experience handling a variety of insurance matters.   Those matters include rendering coverage opinions for insurers, and  defending claims for insurers and insureds. He has tried cases that  included coverage issues involving manuscript, umbrella and commercial  general liability policies. 

Professional Liability

 Mr.  Connelly’s career experience as an attorney also includes a variety of  professional liability claims, including defending law firms,  physicians, hospitals and healthcare providers. 

Mediation / Arbitration / Focus Groups

 Michael  Connelly has extensive experience serving as counsel in a wide variety  of mediations, arbitrations and jury focus groups.  He has received a  certificate in mediation training from the University of Houston Law  Center and A.A. White Dispute Resolution Center.  He has received a  certificate in commercial arbitration (domestic and international) from  the University of Houston Law Center and A.A. White Dispute Resolution  Center.  He is listed on the American Arbitration Association Commercial  Litigation Panel.

Mr.  Connelly serves as a mediator in various cases, respecting the  importance of his role as a neutral to facilitate the parties making  their own decisions about settlement.  When called to decide disputes as  an arbitrator, he brings over four decades of experience and sound  judgment as a neutral to the process.